Southern Indiana Insurance Attorney

Lawyer with 27 years of experience handling insurance cases
Claims involving acts that may not be covered under insurance policies continue to place insurers in difficult positions, and the claims professional’s decision could require the company to defend a “bad faith” claim from its insured.  Insurers are also faced with an ever-increasing number of fraudulent claims that require special background and experience to handle correctly.  Many insurers have sought my advice for coverage opinions and I have worked for insurers’ fraud units in successfully opposing claims that appear to be fraudulent.

Full-service insurance practice
I focus my insurance practice in the following areas:

  • Insurance litigation and appeals
  • First-party claims
  • Third-party claims
  • Claim management consulting
  • Motor vehicle claims
  • Construction claims
  • Analysis and interpretation of insurance policies

Whatever the particular nature of your company’s recurring or special needs, please feel free to call me to discuss how I can help you resolve those issues.